4/21/22 - Building The Brand: A Career In Songwriting

4/21/22 - Building The Brand: A Career In Songwriting

When we think of branding and brand equity in the music industry, we traditionally think of it when applied to performing artists. Fan bases, stream counts, social media engagement, tour revenue, and NIL deals are just some of the metrics used to define and measure an artist’s brand equity. But this is not the sole domain of artists as accomplished songwriters have found value in defining their own brand and growing their brand equity. In our panel, we will learn how a songwriter’s brand is defined, measured, and developed through their own efforts and those of the team around them. And we will hear how songwriters, publishers, and managers leverage building the songwriter\\'s brand to unlock opportunities and further their career.


Kristen Juel
Founder, Juel Concepts

Chris Martignago
Senior A&R, Prescription Songs


Marc Caruso
CEO & Co-Founder, Angry Mob Music/AIMP LA Vice President

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