1/22/18 NY - The Golden Triangle

1/22/18 NY - The Golden Triangle

Ever wanted to take a peek behind the curtain to see how a charting hit song is made today, and how the collaborative interplay works between a pop songwriter, a publishing A&R person, and a music producer?  We call this “The Golden Triangle”, and we’re assembling a star-studded cast of characters, including not just local members but our friends from Canada to tackle this very hot topic, and we’ll deep dive into the specific roles and relationships behind contemporary song craft in the big leagues.


Dave Hamelin
Canadian writer/producer

Harold Lilly
Grammy Award-winning pop/R&B songwriter

Neville Quinlan
Managing Director, Peer Music Canada

Ebonie Smith
Award-winning producer/ songwriter

Jenna Andrews


Keith D'Arcy
SVP, Creative Licensing & Catalog Acquisition, SONGS Music Publishing

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