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AIMP in Music Industry Newswire article

Posted October 23, 2009

by S. G

AIMP and Pan-European Licensing
(Excerpt from my Music Industry Newswire column)

At the monthly AIMP meeting, held at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, the topic was Pan-European Licensing, which may work acceptably for the majors but leaves independent music publishers out in the cold.. To put the problem in perspective, think of how difficult the U.S. music business would be if 27 states had different licensing terms, yet that’s what happens in the EU. While heated opposition from the entrenched EU copyright collecting societies is likely, there is hope on the horizon for a plan that would benefit songwriters, performers, and publishers.

On the panel were three professionals with extensive experience in various aspects of licensing, including Michael Sukin, who has worked extensively with the European Commission, the International Music Publishers Association, the European collection societies’ lobbying organization, and numerous publishers and collecting societies in both Eastern and Western Europe. Joining him was attorney Chris Castle, whose firm represents music publishers, video game publishers, digital retailers, recording artists, producers, film makers, independent record labels and film studios. Serving as moderator was Linda A. Newmark, EVP of Acquisitions and Strategic Projects for Universal Music Publishing Group. All three acknowledge the difficulties that lie ahead, yet each is hopeful of changes that are on the way.

AIMP LA chapter president Richard Feldman noted that “There have been several solutions proposed to address this problem, but to date, nothing has emerged. I am speaking with Michael Sukin about an idea he had where indie publishers could band together to get the same terms that the majors now enjoy. We hope to present this in the next month to all publishers.”

Full article is called "Dollar Signs and Treble Clefs" and is available here:


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