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The music business needs more than a global database

Posted November 5, 2015

by A. Davis

How does metadata and the conveyance of information affect rights holders?

These articles illuminate some of the challenges:


A major point is being left out of this equation: a powerful tool to manage one's catalog and royalties.

Most folks use spreadsheets to organize their catalog. Nothing wrong with that, but given the complexity of the industry, as written extensively in the articles above and beyond, it's not surprising metadata isn't as clean as it could be and royalties are being unpaid.

In other words, the lack of powerful software to manage one's catalog and associated royalties contributes to the lack of clean and organized metadata and accurate royalty payments.

An authoritative database and catalog management software are symbiotic.

Aaron Loring Davis is the CEO and Co-Founder of Exploration, a media management and technology company headquartered in Los Angeles.  For more information please visit http://exploration.io
Exploration - Media Management and Technology


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