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Streaming Success Stories in China

Posted September 24, 2019

by M. Finland



What is more powerful than music? Love!



I can’t say anything more memorable than your first love. The drama that envelops your senses in a roller coaster that scars your heart and mind to never want to ever experience again but to forever long for. Not only the love for another person but the love of a special interest that becomes a lifestyle. Remember what had insired you to make music your life: a song, a sound, a person, a dream?


True to his art, Baggio’s music reflects the influences of rock bands from the 70’s to the 90’s. The pop rock prince from The Netherlands is making his way to the top with style. With a lyrical humor he sings his heart out about the friction found in love and relationships. Accompanied by his Kramer Striker 300ST guitar he has traveled far from his first performance at the age of 7 extending his prowess on the guitar to many other instruments and studio production techniques. Bridging the gap of 80’s rock nostalgia with the modern feel of the young love of today with charisma.

In 2016 Baggio performed an ABBA cover of “Does Your Mother Know” in The Voice with nearly immediate approval of all the judges making him an instant fan favorite. This sparked his drive into the spotlight premiering original compositions on live national TV show Carlo’s TV Café (RTL4/ RTL Europe) gaining the attention of former singer of Van Halen, Mitch Malloy. “Baggio is just so talented and cool…he’s such a rock star!” exclaims Malloy. Their collaboration started soon after, co-writing and producing Baggio’s hit single, “It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here,” with a current Spotify streaming number of: 132 020, and a monthly listener base of 5338 with 3538 followers.

Baggio is unbound and is focusing on spreading his music worldwide. Already establishing his fame in China with Musicinfo with now nearly 480,000 streams for his first full album, “Made in My Bedroom.” It’s interesting the reception of specific songs from the same album. The best performing track “Again,” with nearly 380,000 in China has so far only collected about a small portion of streams in Spotify. This goes to show how you can be savvy in this growing global market and find an adoring new audience in an untapped market such as China.



Again I say nothing is stronger than love and dare I say “Again,” is China’s first love of Baggio. He has left a memorable impression on a new admiring audience that has set his following in motion to indeed cry for more!








People love good people. Sometimes music is enough to attract followers, that no extra promotion is needed. Just wonder how far you can go with a little support and a little push.


In its purest form folk music are the stories handed down from generation to generation in song. In essence if you look back far enough our roots grow from the same land wherever on the earth you are born. The intro comes in, the voice of our mothers and fathers and the noises that envelop our sensory soundscape. This is our story.

Folk music as a modern day genre is ambiguous in nature as is most everything nowadays a fusion of styles. But the stories we tell each other are the same, about the ups and downs, full of humour, triumph, sadness, pain, also known as: life. Give me a guitar and a voice and I’ll tell you all about it in a song.

Hatomusubi is a local Japanese Pop and Folk band which formed in the early 2017 in Ibusuki Kagoshima, members include guitarist, ???? Masaki Tokudome and Vocalist, ????? Chiyuki Takasu. They are a playful duo singing about daily life in Japan. Would their songs have ended there without the helping hand of a brave set of ears? It sometimes takes an encouraging voice with a true heart to coax the most timid of hearts to share their individual importance to the world.

Backed by tezrock, a songwriter, arranger and manager based in Hong Kong who discovered Hatomusubi playing on the streets of Japan. His insight into the music industry saw the potential of this Japanese duo and aimed to promote Hatomusubi’s music in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and the world with the grand gesture of connecting Japanese and Hong Kong talented musicians together. It seems he has succeeded in just that, at least in China. Through Musicinfo, Hatomusubi has found a massive new audience with now over 1,600,000 streams. This is a far cry from only 15 monthly listeners on Spotify and a perfect example of the power artists have to get their music heard: when you work with good people and search the globe for the audience in your favor. tezrock’s motto could not be more true and something everyone could live by, ”Kind to people, Love to connect. No Hate, No Fucked Up People.”











Glove Compartment


Is it not better that you have a much bigger audience, especially if you are starting out or are unknown worldwide, just to get your music out there heard and listened to. This is an accomplishment in itself. Or is it better to covet your precious music limit your music audience to only those who pay a premium and then maybe one day someone might dig you out from the masses of new artists that are all fighting to get to the front of the line? Send your music to China and get paid!


What is the success of a musician who has their music on streaming sites in China with Musicinfo?

Is it not better that you have a much bigger audience, especially if you are starting out or are unknown worldwide, just to get your music out there heard and listened to. This is an accomplishment in itself. Or is it better to covet your precious music and limit your music audience to only those who pay a premium and then maybe one day someone might dig you out from the masses of new artists that are all fighting to get to the front of the line?

This is the a story of one artist who took the leap to share his music to a brand new untapped audience in a new market place with only the assurance that he got what he paid for: the possibility to distribute his music to China. The dream of becoming known is most often a shot in the dark for the majority of aspiring artists and the chance that presents itself is one not easily taken when shadowed by bias and doubt. This is a story of light and a new beginning for all players with the music as the star here who has found an audience that it has connected with and is bringing worlds closer together. Musicinfo can do this for you too!

The Creator in this story known as Glove Compartment in his own words, “Is the piano laden project from 'The Candle Thieves' keyboard wizard The Glock aka Anthony Shiels. Hailing from the suburbs of Cambridgeshire, Glove Compartment makes pocket symphonies centered around the intricacies of Anthony's piano playing blended with a touch of dry wit and at times brutal lyricism.” His album ‘The Art of Pretending,’ has gained the attention of the Chinese audiences with an accumulated number of streams at over 3.1 million since March this year. The amazing thing about this story is that this is purely organic. This is just a start as this is the unofficial number and expect the number to be bigger once the official report comes in. So… the question that everyone is now asking, “is he gonna get paid?” And this is the best part of all, wait for it, wait for it… Hell ya he is! And then you’re like, “ya but how much is he gonna get paid?” and the easy answer is, “does anyone ever tell you how much they are getting paid?”

The Art of Pretending, “speaks to that nagging voice we all have inside, giving soothe to those who feel like they are the only pretenders in the world.” Is it ironic that the top 3 songs that will be paying Glove Compartment the most from this album are appropriately: No Good Can Come From This, To The Moon, and Secret To Love; Or am I just reading into this situation more that I should? Well, I don’t think so, with a home following on Spotify with 276 monthly listeners and 72 followers anyone would be doubtful of the real possibility of getting paid listeners through any streaming service.

The bottom line, his music is being played and he is getting known! You can worry about securing your music on specific channels so that you will get paid for every single play it receives but who is going to play your music if no one knows who you are! Listen to the music of Glove Compartment and be inspired to share your music: Your journey starts today! This is only the beginning, we will be posting more exciting every week. Please keep tuned and follow us!











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