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YouTube Infringement Tools Are All Foam and No Beer for Small Creators (Part 1)

September 5, 2021


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by Keith Kupferschmid


Everything about YouTube is BIG. It is far and away from the most widely used video-sharing platform and, according to SEMRUSH, is the second-most visited website—with the most-visited being its parent company, Google. It boasts more than two billion monthly users who watch more than one billion hours of videos each day and upload more than 500 hours of videos each minute. It doesn’t get much bigger than that.

Unfortunately, YouTube also has a BIG copyright infringement problem. This is not breaking news. For years YouTube has been a haven for infringing movies and other audiovisual works, music, images, audiobooks, and more. YouTube knows this and in fact, over the years has developed various tools in an ongoing, uphill battle to combat the problem. YouTube should be commended for developing these tools. But for a platform as successful, cutting edge, and tech savvy as YouTube, we have to ask ourselves: why aren’t these tools working to solve YouTube’s copyright infringement problem? The answer is that it’s not the tools themselves but rather the way YouTube is implementing these tools—or more accurately, not implementing them—that is the problem.

Along with ambiguity surrounding the operation and implementation of some of YouTube’s infringement fighting tools, there is a major problem with access. The unfortunate reality is that the most effective tools are only available to a limited group of large copyright owners. Most individual creators and small businesses have been denied access, making it even harder for them to protect their livelihoods. 

Before we delve too deeply into those problems, it may be helpful to run through YouTube’s various copyright infringement tools. 

Read more here.  

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