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October 20, 2010

BMI and Digital Hollywood Present One-Day Symposium: ‘Content, Copyright & Commerce’

BMI and Digital Hollywood Present One-Day Symposium: ‘Content, Copyright & Commerce’ - Only $100 for Access To All Panels! Two Weeks! Santa Monica!

The digital media symposium will be held on Wednesday, October 20 as part of the Digital Hollywood schedule featuring Evan Lowenstein, with Q&A and interview by Bob Lefsetz of The Lefsetz Letter. Digital Hollywood will be held at the Loews Santa Monica (1700 Ocean Avenue).

Don’t miss an incredible one-day symposium on the evolution of media in the digital world with over 20 panelists from MTV, EMI, HFA, TuneCore, Guvera, AFTRA, SoundExchange and many more, featuring hot-button topics including music downloads versus streaming; creating a game-changing digital media start-up; redesigning the music industry’s payment structure in the digital space; and an international, expert-led conversation about copyright protection.

Join us at Content, Copyright & Commerce Santa Monica, October 20, check out the agenda and speakers - it is an impressive group!

Register now!

BMI and Digital Hollywood present:
A One-Day Symposium on the Evolution of Media in the Digital World
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Welcome and Keynote Address
Evan Lowenstein, Founder and CEO of StageIt and member of pop-rock duo Evan & Jaron
Interviewed by Bob Lefsetz, "The Lefsetz Letter"

10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
Music Downloads vs. Streaming: Who’s the Winner?

Moderator: Dan Kimpel, author and journalist, Music Connection
Vickie Nauman, Vice President, North America, 7digital
Max Pellegrini, CEO, Dada Entertainment
David Rosenberg, Legal Counsel, Live 365
Mark Piibe, EVP, Global Business Development, EMI Music

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
Disruption and Innovation: How to Change the Model and the Market

Allen Duan, VP Global Digital Media, MTV Networks
Claes Loberg, CEO, Guvera
Evan Lowenstein, Founder & CEO, StageIt
Jeff Price, CEO, TuneCore

2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
The Digital Globe: Copyright Landscape Around the World

Moderator: Christian Castle, Managing Partner, Christian L. Castle, Attorneys
Bruce Funkhouser, VP of Business Operations, Copyright Clearance Center
Ryan Lehning, Senior Counsel, SoundExchange
Maurice Russell, Senior Vice President of Licensing, Collections and Business Affairs, HFA (Harry Fox Agency)
Nancy Harkness, General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Business Affairs, Bug Music
Patrick Sullivan, President & CEO, Rightsflow
Darren Briggs, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Landmark Digital Servicessm, LLC

4:00 PM - 5:15 PM
Getting Paid, Getting it Made: Creating a Viable Music Business within the New Digital Media Ecosystem

Randy Himes, Assistant National Executive Director, Sound Recordings, AFTRA
Kurt Hanson, RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter
Chris Lydle, Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS)
Sam Gilchrist, President, Tradescape

5:00 PM - Loews Hotel
End-of Day Poolside Reception with special live performance by Ryan Calhoun

Additional Digital Hollywood panels included in the $100 all-access fee:

Wednesday, October 20th
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Track I: AdvUp-12
Video Advertising: How New Consumer Habits Are Driving the Advertising Community to Innovate, and the Challenges with Scale
Erick Hachenburg, CEO, Metacafe
Michael Griffin, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development, EyeWonder
Shamim Samadi, Product Manager for DoubleClick Rich Media, Google
Paul Santello, SVP Brand Sales and Marketing, Evolve Media
Michael Knott, VP/EP, Parents TV, Meredith Video Studios
Mark Marvel, Senior Director, msnbc.com
Steve Robinson, President & Founder, Panache, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II: ViDeo-10
The NexGen Entertainment Home Experience - From the Smart & Connected TV to the PVR, Set-Top & PC Experience
Alan Messer, Member of the Board of Directors of DLNA and Senior Director of Connected Consumer Technologies and Standardization, Samsung Electronics
Larry Yang, Product Manager, Google TV
Greg Gudorf, General Manager, Technicolor Digital Delivery
Dale Pistilli, Vice President of Marketing - Branded Products Group, Western Digital Corp.
Jaspal Bhasin, Chief Operating Officer, itaas, Inc.
Padmashree Koneti, Product Management, Cisco Media Solutions Group
Rick Doherty, co-founder and Director, The Envisioneering Group, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III: ViDeo-11, DiRghts-1
The Future of Electronic Content Distribution - Rights Locker in the Cloud
Rich Berger, Sr. VP of Global Digital Strategy & Operations, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Ben Crosby, Chief Technology Officer, Technicolor
Arnaud Robert, Senior Vice President of Distribution Technology, Disney
Albhy Galuten, Vice President of Digital Media Technology Strategy, Sony Network Entertainment
Tim Dodd, Vice President, Media and Entertainment, Neustar
Brad Hunt, President, Digital Media Directions, LLC, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Hollywood Content Summit - HwdSummit
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM
DH Pitch Camp: Pitching your web series, ARG and Game Idea
Moderator: Marc Hustvedt, Founder, Tubefilter
Dan Weinstein, Head of New Media for Salient Media / Manager at The Collective
Presented by: Tubefilter

10:15 AM – 11:00 AM
Transmedia Storytelling – Crossing the Line towards Infinity and Beyond
Sarah Szalavitz, 7 Robot, Digital Brunch
Flint Dille, writer and interactive storyteller, Dragonstrike, Dead to Rights
Hope Hutman, Co-Founder, President, Telefon Projekt

10:45 AM - Noon
Track I: ViDeo-12
Inventing TV 2.0 - Defining the Set Top, Connected TV, Streaming Media Adapter, Downloadable Consumer Experience
Ashish Arora, Vice President & General Manager, Logitech Digital Home Group (Companion Box for Google TV)
Phil Wiser, co-founder, chairman and president, Sezmi
Matt Milne, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, DivX
Mitch Weinraub, Industry Consultant
Anthony Simon, Vice President, Marketing, Zoran
Jan Steenkamp, Vice President, Americas, founding member, Irdeto
Jeffrey Binder, General Partner, Genovation Capital, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II: H2.0-13, AdvUp-13
Media, Entertainment and Brand Ubiquity – Sports, Comedy, Reality & News – TV, PC, The Tablet, The Smartphone – Understanding the Content and Commerce Equation
Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3
Evan Young, Sr. Director Product Management, TiVo
Brian Colbert, Director of Mobile Advertising Sales, ESPN
Aaron Lassila, Director, Global Media Sales, Electronic Arts
Jeremy Lockhorn, Director, Emerging Media & Video Innovation Razorfish, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III: DiRghts-2, ViDeo-13
Over the Top Video - TV, iPad – Tablet - SmartPhone - PC – Connecting into the Future
Monika Gadhammar MSc, Marketing Director Open IPTV Forum e.V., Senior Marketing Manager, Ericsson Multimedia
Olivier Manuel, Lead, Content Solutions Group Samsung Electronics America
Colleen Brown, CEO, Fisher Communications, Inc.
Scott Fierstein, Senior Director, Interoperability Policy and Standards, Microsoft
Alan E. Bell, Ph.D., former, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Paramount Pictures
Paul Sweeting, founder and principal, Concurrent Media Strategies
Fred Taylor, Senior Marketing Manager, IP Multimedia Access, Broadband Communications Group, Broadcom
James M. Burger, Attorney at Law, Dow Lohnes, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track IV: Music2.0-1, SmPh-7, TbLT-7, APPs-7
Music Power Shift: iPhone & iPad and other App Platforms - Empowering the Artist, Label, Technologies & Management
Uday Mahtani, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, The Copia
Dale (Ty) Roberts, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Gracenote
Steve Greenberg, CEO and founder, S-Curve Records
Dave Lory, Chairman/CEO, DJL Artist Services, Executive Director and Producer, New Music Seminar, Tour Manager, Lady Gaga
Peter Young, CEO, Alive Drive Interactive
Andrew Mains, VP of Artist Relations & Marketing, TopSpin Media
Kelli Richards, President, The All Access Group, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

10:45 AM - Noon - Special Workshop
Workshop I: DiRghts-3
Drafting the Next New Media Contract - Outlines and Contours - Content Creators - Guilds - The Entertainment Industry
Dan Rozansky, Partner, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Jeffrey R. Glassman, Partner, Ervin Cohen & Jeffup LLP
Steve Woolf, West Coast Director of Content Development, Blip.tv
Virginie L. Parant, partner, ARTech Law
Alan Friel, Partner, Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP
Joleen Winther Hughes, Founder and Principal, HUGHES MEDIA LAW GROUP
Marcia Zellers, Director, FIDM Digital, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Hollywood Content Summit - HwdSummit
11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
Transmedia Production – Inventing the Language of Cross-platform, non-linear narration
Moderator: Suzanne Stefanac, Transmedia Maverick, Former Director AFI Digital Content Lab
Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment

12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Track I: AdvUp-14
Branded Media Marketing – Across Platforms - TV, Film, Broadband, Mobile, Games and Music – Reinventing the Commerce & Media Model
Andy Meyers, President, M3 Creative
Jane Olson, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Brand Strategy, Oxygen Media
Mike Wiese, Director of Branded Entertainment, JWT
Chip Meehan, West Regional Vice President, Spotlight Integrated Media Sales, Comcast Spotlight
Dan Mintz, Chief Executive Officer and founder, DMG Dynamic Marketing Group
Russ Axelrod, Senior Brand Strategist for Microsoft Advertising
Neil McGinness, CEO, Weekly World News, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II: ViDeo-14, H2.0-14
Bridging TV and Broadband: Strategic Relationships - Advertising, Technology & Content
Todd Merkow, President of Digital Media, Outdoor Channel
Tracy Geist, SVP Strategic Initiatives, OpenTV-Kudelski Group
Paul Levine, Senior Vice President, National Geographic Television
Pankaj Gupta, Director, IP Video Marketing, Cisco
Colleen Brown, CEO, Fisher Communications, Inc.
Jonathon Aubry, Publisher, THE ADVOCATE Group
Ben Mendelson, co-founder and president, Interactive Television Alliance, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III: ViDeo-15, DiRghts-4, H2.0-15
Digital Deals - The Networks and the Studios - Monetizing Content Across Platforms
Kyle McDoniel, Vice President of Business Development, FOX Sports Interactive Media
Pam Schechter, Vice President, Business Affairs, Digital and Cable Entertainment, NBC/Universal
Joel Vanderkloot, Senior Director, Business & Legal Affairs, Media Rights Capital, MRC
Jon Vlassopulos, CEO, skyrockit
Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia
Jonathan Roth, Director, Siemer & Associates, LLC
Grant Michaelson, Vice President, Business Affairs, ABC Entertainment, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track IV: Music2.0-2, DHFi-11
Digital Music: Strategy and Investment
John Rubey, President, AEG LIVE
Ted Mico, Executive Vice President, Interscope Geffen A&M
Alan Goodstadt, Partner, Redwood Capital
Christopher Allen, General Manager, Napster
Kenneth Hertz, Senior Partner, Hertz and Lichtenstein LLP
Brad Gelfond, Principal, Strike up the Brand, former, SVP Brand & Content Partnerships and Strategic Development, Warner Bros. Records
John Loken, Director of Partner Marketing, Goldstar.com, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Special Workshop
12:30 PM - ViDeo-16
Cloud Media & the Connected PC-TV-Mobile Universe: The New Face of the Digital Consumer
Josette Bonte, Chief Digital Media Strategist, Cisco IBSG
Russ Schafer, Senior Director, Product Marketing Digital Home, Yahoo!
Michael Taylor, SVP Business Development, ActiveVideo Networks
Tom Sauer, VP - Corporate Strategy, AT&T
Rhodes Mason, Vice President of Business Development, Internet Video Archive (IVA)
Stephen Ehrlich, Director Media & Entertainment, Verizon Digital Services
Richard Bullwinkle, Chief Evangelist, Rovi
David Bloom, Principal, Words & Deeds, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Hollywood Content Summit - HwdSummit
12:45 PM - 1:30 PM
Filmmakers Lunch Session
Digital Hollywood Presents: Savage County – A head on transmedia case study from MTV.
Moderator: David Gale, EVP, New Media, MTV Networks
David Harris, multi-hyphenate director/co-writer/comic book author/digital producer/application designer - geek
Nina Bargiel, transmedia producer
Jordan Glazier, CEO of Eventful
Bekah Graf, actor, Savage CountyScott Nocas, Head of content at Sony
Presented by MTV Networks

Hollywood Content Summit - HwdSummit
2:00 PM – 2:45 PM
Case Study:
2010 Primetime Emmy Awards live streaming event on Emmys.com and NBC.com.
Moderator: Dave Andrews, Devious Media
Adam Philbin, Director of Marketing, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Jennifer Connelly, Project Manager
Danila Koverman, co-Chair of the Primetime Emmy Awards Telecast Committee
David Neal, Director
Presented by: Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

2:15 PM - 3:30 PM
Track I: ViDeo-17, AdvUp-15
Internet Video, Advertising & Marketing: The Next Generation of Consumer Reach
Kristine Shine, Vice President, PopSugar Media
Jon Goldman, CEO, Qlipso, former CEO, Foundation 9
Jason Glickman, CEO, Tremor Media
Joy Marcus, US General Manager, Dailymotion
Andrew Budkofsky, SVP Sales & Partnerships, Break Media
Sean Horvath, EVP, Branded Entertainment Alloy Digital, a division of Alloy Media + Marketing
David Siemer, founder, Siemer & Associates, Inc.
Microsoft, speaker to be announced
David E. Leibowitz, Managing Partner, CH Potomac, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II: DHFi-12
Venture Funding, Investment & Mergers - Leadership in the Entertainment & Technology Space: Broadband, Social Networks, Mobile and Games
Kevin Spain, Principal, Emergence Capital Partners
Megan Jones, Director, Hadley Partners
Len Rand, Managing Director, Granite Ventures
Kushal Saha, Managing Director, Cascadia Capital
Joseph C. Sherwood III, Senior Managing Director, McGladrey Capital Markets LLC
Derek L. Norton, Managing Partner, Watertower Group
Joey Tamer, President, S.O.S. Inc., Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III: Music2.0-3, SmPh-8, TbLT-8, APPs-8
Music Apps for SmartPhones, Tablets & Social Media – Reaching Millions – Monetization
Robert (Leo) Rodgers, Sr. VP & Label Liaison, Bungalo Records
Albin Serviant, CEO, MXP4
Les Borsai, founder, Gridmob
KamranV, CyKiK
Milun Tesovic, Co-Founder and CTO, MetroLyrics
Arlene Zeichner, Principal, Selavy Associates, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track IV: ViDeo-18, AdvUp-16
Monetizing Broadband Video, Part I. — Multi-Platforms - Internet & Mobile - How Do You Know It’s Working?
Moritz Lowe, Senior Director of Sales, msnbc.com
Steve Robinson, President & Founder, Panache
Sean Knapp, Co-founder and CTO, Ooyala
Nick Johnson, Senior Vice President, National Sales, NBC Universal Digital Media
Tania Yuki, Director, Product Management, comScore, Inc., Moderator
Additional speakers to be announced
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Special Workshop
2:15 PM - 3:30: AdvUp-17, ViDeo-19
OTT for Retailers - Over the Top Entertainment Services for the Retail Space
Anthony Bay, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, MOD Systems
Jens Horstmann, Vice President of Technology, NCR Entertainment Solutions
Mark Ely, EVP of Strategy, Sonic Solutions
Scott Francis, Chief Technical Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering, PRN
Heather Way, Research Analyst, Parks Associates, Moderator
Additional speakers to be announced
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Special Workshop
Korea Entertainment & Technology Strategic Sessions
Presented by the Korea-US Vision Council
2:15 pm – 3:30 pm
From U.S. to Korea and Korea to U.S.: Licensing, Co-producing, Financing and Selling TV Content
Jeremiah McMillan, Principal, Global Content Group, moderator
Carlos Aguirre, International Programming, Fox Television Studios
Stu Tenzer, Founder, Coast Road Media; (former) SVP, William Morris Agency
Shine Group – Americas, speaker to be announced
SBS International, Inc. speaker to be announced

Hollywood Content Summit - HwdSummit
3:15 PM – 4:00 PM
The Future of Enhanced Book Experiences – eBooks, Apps, Book Trailers and Immersive Storylines.
Moderator: Seth Shapiro, Founder, New Amsterdam Media
Lisa Napoli, Author, Radio Shangri-La; commentator Huffington Post, New York Times, PBS Marketplace
Charles Stack, Founder and CEO, Sideways

Special Workshop
3:45 pm – 5:00 pm
Korea Entertainment & Technology Strategic Sessions
Presented by the Korea-US Vision Council
Web Terminator 3.0: The Rise of the Apps?
Jean Chung, co-founder, the Korea-US Vision Council
Case Study: Two newly launched apps promoting upcoming Hollywood films: Screen Gems’ “Priest” and Relativity Media’s “The Warrior’s Way”
Jeremy Ross, President, Prestidigital Publishing
The film producer:
Phillip Christon, Producer and Founder, WE World Entertainment
The content creator:
Marlene Sharp, Director of Development, Rubicon Studios
The payment services specialist:
Fred Song, Business Development Manager, InComm
The interactive TV innovator:
Allison Dollar, CEO, Interactive TV Alliance

3:50 PM - 5:00 PM
Track I: ViDeo-20, H2.0-16
Downloads, Movies, DVDs – “Over the Top” and Everywhere Video to the Consumer
Bradford C. Auerbach, Digital Entertainment Services, Hewlett-Packard Company
Bruce Anderson, SVP and GM Blockbuster
Avner Ronen, CEO & Co-Founder, Boxee
Alan Smith, Senior Product Manager at DirecTV
Anton Monk, VP Technology and co-founder, Entropic
Dina Kaplan, Co-Founder, Blip.tv
Jim Funk, Vice President, Development, Roku
Russ Schafer, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Connected TV, Yahoo!
Steve McKay, CEO, Entone, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II: AdvUp-18, ViDeo-21
Maximizing Content Value - From Video to Entertainment and Information - Metadata, Content Farms, Syndication, Behavioral Search & Subscription
Tom Wilde, Chief Executive Officer, RAMP
Jamie Voris, Chief Technology Officer, National Football League (NFL)
Andrew Hossom, Vice President Marketing, FoxSports.com
John Moakley, Executive Vice President of Data Services, Rovi
Robertson Barrett, Chief Strategy Officer, Perfect Market
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III: DiRghts-5, Music2.0-4, ViDeo-22
Content Rights and Technology Solutions in Media and Entertainment: From Standardization to Implementation of New Technology Strategies
Andy Nobbs, CCO, Civolution
Shawn Ambwani, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Intertrust
Steve Christian, VP of Marketing, Verimatrix
Graham M. Oakes, CEO, Media Science International, Ezee Studios, Chairman, Digital Watermarking Alliance
Mridula Palat, Director, Sales, RightsLogic, RSG Media Systems, LLC
Kent Sahin, President, Real Software Systems
Amena Ali, Chief Marketing Officer, Arxan Technologies, Inc.
Rajan Samtani, former Senior Director, Business Development, Digimarc, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track IV: SmPh-9, TbLT-9, HGmz-10, APPs-9, Music2.0-5
iPhone Apps – Tablet Apps - Change Agents – App Breakthroughs, Video, Games, Mobile Engagement and Advertising
Lisa Sullivan-Cross, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Dictionary.com
Darren Cross, Head of Business Development, Fandango/Comcast Interactive Media
Saurabh Bhatia, co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Vdopia
Brian Burke, Executive Director and General Manager, Mobile and Devices, Smashing Ideas
Jeff Holden, Founder and CEO, Pelago (makers of Whrrl)
Walker Fenton, General Manager, NewsGator Media & Data Services
Tony Hoskins, Principal, POP, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

3:50 PM - 5:00 PM
Special Workshop, ViDeo-23, AdvUp-19
Monetizing Broadband Video, Part II. — Multi-Platforms - Internet & Mobile - How Do You Know It’s Working?
Marc Zachary, SVP of Business Development, Auditude
Richard Sussman, VP of Digital Entertainment, The Nielsen Company
Brent Horowitz, Vice President, Business Development, FreeWheel
Wright Steenrod, Principal, Chrysalis Ventures
Frank Sinton, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, MeFeedia
Chris Schreiber, Director of Marketing, Sharethrough
Jonathan Hurd, Director, Altman Vilandrie & Company, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Hollywood Content Summit - HwdSummit
4:30 PM – 5:15 PM
DH Presents: Casestudy and Special Screening.
Conspiracy for Good, an Alternate Reality Game from Tim Kring, the Creator of the TV cult classic "Heroes".
Conspiracy for Good is set in Africa, continental Europe and the UK.

Special Workshop
Korea Entertainment & Technology Strategic Sessions
Announcement of the KorUS Vision Award
5:10 pm – 6:00 pm
One-on-one Interview with Hollywood Filmmaker:
Michael Peyser, Producer of “The Warrior’s Way”
Chris Marlowe, Senior Advisor, the Korea-US Vision Council, moderator


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