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April 20, 2011

Time: 5:30-7:00

New York Pitch Session - Part 1


For our April and May meetings, the AIMP will again offer to our creative members the unique opportunity to craft a song for a few significant artists currently seeking new material.  To the others, it will be an opportunity to learn how the creative side of the business works.  Both sessions will take place at The Living Room in NYC from 5:30 - 7pm.

At our first meeting on April 20th, writers who wish to submit their work will attend the initial intake meeting to hear music from the artist(s) in question, and receive a creative brief from Richard Stumpf, President, Imagem Music.  Additionally, Creatives from publishers will give their insight into the cuts process.  This meeting will be open to anyone who wishes to attend. The participants will  then submit songs to Richard at AIMP@Imagem.com no later than May 11th, one week prior to the second meeting to be held on May 18ths.  Richard and his associates will filter the submissions to a top list of songs that would potentially work. The writers of those top songs will be the special guests at the second, follow-up session where the label A&Rs will critique their submissions.  Both sessions will also be open to others who care to learn about this process.


AIMP A&R Pitch Sheet
(Virgin Records) - Georgie McAvenna (A&R)
“From the bay area, Ms Williams is rapper/singer exploring blends of urban, pop and electro. Her influences span a broad spectrum. Her parents were in rock bands, she played classical music growing up, two older brothers who were heavily into rap challenged her with freestyle battles. Once she went to her first rave, the experience changed her. she was captivated by the cutting edge productions. Her current favorite track is 'Pass Out' by UK star rapper Tinie Tempah.
Looking for a very fresh riffy track she can rap on verses, with early Janet style chorus hook.”
(Hollywood Records) – Jason Jordan (A&R)
cherri bomb is a more evolved rock pop sound with an aggressive female edge ... think "hole, foo fighters, green day, veruca salt, nirvana, etc."  
(Atlantic Records) – Rhea Pasricha (A&R)
“Organic tracks with tempo and romantic lyrics a la Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are.’ Songs with no age references and no juvenile melodies.”
*Please submit one MP3 per artist to AIMP@Imagem.com. Please include lyrics attached as a word doc. In the title of the email include your name and the name of the artist you are submitting for.

Note for non-members:  The guest fee will entitle you to attend both meetings and to submit songs for consideration.




No Panelist Details Available


Richard Stumpf
President, Imagen Music

AIMP Panel

Place: View Map
The Living Room
154 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002

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