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September 28, 2011

Time: 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

NARIP Radio Executive Session #1

NARIP Radio Executive Sessions

Intimate Meetings & Pitch Sessions with
Programming and Music Directors of
LA's Top-Rated Radio Stations

Session #1 with KIIS 102.7-FM / KYSR 98-7fm's Julie Pilat
on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

at Universal Mastering Studios in Los Angeles


•Session #1: Sep 28 with Julie Pilat, Assistant Program Director / Music Director at KIIS FM and Program Director at KYSR 98-7fm
•Session #2: Oct 19 with Andrew Jeffries, Head of AC Formats at 1043 MYFM (Hot AC) and KOST 103.5-FM (AC)
•Session #3: Nov 9 with Jimmy Steal, VP of Programming at Power 106 (KPWR) / Emmis Radio Properties


What do Julie Pilat, Jimmy Steal and Andrew Jeffries have in common? They are all special guests at NARIP's Radio Executive Sessions at Universal Mastering Studios in Los Angeles.

Representing the best and brightest executives at the hottest radio stations in the Entertainment Capital of the World, these three seasoned executives program music for the most popular radio stations in Los Angeles. In NARIP’s intimate sessions, you get to meet and pitch them, and get an inside peek at how they do their jobs.

Come meet these career-makers.


On the heels of NARIP's successful Music Supervisor Sessions - intimate meetings with the best music supervisors in the business today - NARIP is proud to introduce its Radio Executive Sessions in the same mold.

Through NARIP's Music Supervisor Sessions, NARIP members have made placements in significant projects, including most recently Peter Kimmel who has placed songs from his catalog in True Blood ("Soul of a Man Never Dies") and in Dexter ("Jhaira") following our session with Gary Calamar earlier this year in Los Angeles. 

Placements secured and professional relationships formed through these meetings are so good that we felt this format would work well for those who seek intimate pitch opportunities with the best (and busiest) radio executives at the top-rated stations in town.


Limited to 15 people per session, NARIP’s sessions enable you to get to know the executives and more importantly, enable them to get to know you. Participants will be able to pitch music on the spot and receive instant feedback as to whether a song is appropriate or not, and WHY. This valuable feedback makes better pitches – and ultimately, radio air time – possible. Please note: NARIP cannot guarantee that any participants' music will receive airtime.

Above all, attendees get to meet key players in the modern radio business, paving the way for future opportunities and giving them an edge in a highly competitive market.

At each NARIP Radio Executive Session in Los Angeles, participants will have the opportunity to pitch music and get immediate, direct feedback from one radio executive.

Here is what attendees say about NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions (the same format as the upcoming Radio Executive Sessions) held earlier this year in Los Angeles:

•"Thank you again for providing one of the more professional and useful events that I have ever attended. It was intimate, precise and well-executed. The feedback was immediate and valuable." – Eric Caver, PTEC Dojo (attended Andrea von Foerster session)

•"Another successful and extremely well-organized NARIP event, please keep them coming! ... [it was] an amazing opportunity to pitch our music to Gary Calamar in such a personal and focused setting." - Sven Spieker, Mighty Generation Music (attended Gary Calamar, Andrea von Foerster and Chris Mollere sessions)

•Very, very informative and helpful. These are fun and the supervisors have been extremely willing to share very useful info. - Catharine Wood, Planetwood Productions (attended Andrea von Foerster, Julianne Jordan and John Houlihan sessions)

•"I've had 3 managers and 5 years of plugging away on the Internet for contacts and had more success getting material in front of a music supervisor with NARIP's sessions than anything previously! Please keep it up, I will definitely attend more!" - Shay Dillon, Independent

•"[NARIP's Music Supervisor series] is a very effective and beneficial program to get contact with the local and national supervisors who run the film and TV industry." - Robert Case, President, New Pants Publishing (attended Carolyn Richardson, Gary Calamar and Julianne Jordan and sessions)

•"Last night's program was awesome, well-organized, inspiring. Chris Mollere was great, with positive yet constructive comments for us all." - Annie Calder, Coral West Music

•"What a wonderful job NARIP is doing in putting together these events that help professionals connect and share information. And how cool a person you are. Kudos to NARIP and your wonderful team." - Daniel Indart, Latin Music Specialists (attended Chris Mollere and Julianne Jordan sessions)


$249 NARIP Members (Professional and Executive NARIP Members ONLY*)
$329 Non-Members


$669 for NARIP Members (save $78 – Professional and Executive NARIP Members ONLY*)
$899 for Non-Members (save $88)

* Available to Professional and Executive NARIP Members only. .


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