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July 26, 2013

SESAC's 6th Annual Songwriters Bootcamp

Skirball Cultural Center
Los Angeles, CA

Plans are in motion for SESAC’s 6th Annual Songwriters Bootcamp scheduled for Friday, July 26, at the Skirball Educational Center in Los Angeles.  The event offers a variety of sessions covering all aspects of the music industry and what a songwriter or composer needs to establish and advance a music career. 

9:00 am – Opening Remarks
10:00 am – Feature Speaker: Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter/Producer Rico Love
6:30 pm – Cocktail Reception

COST: $45.00


The Secret Life of Music Supervisors: How to get there and what it’s like

Have you ever wondered how music supervisors got started in the business? The supervisors on this panel will discuss their humble beginnings, what sort of skills are needed to be a successful music supervisor, what their job actually entails, and tips on how you as a songwriter can bypass the clutter and get recognized.

Get Placed: Song critique with music supervisors
Bring your best songs to this round-table discussion and have them evaluated for film and TV by some of the industry’s top music supervisors. We’ll discuss what works, what doesn’t work, and how you can craft your songs to have the highest chance of getting a synch placement. Bring your MP3 player!

Ask the Experts: Advice from publishers, music libraries, and attorneys

How do you get a publishing deal? What does “buy out” mean? What are music libraries looking for? Find out from top music industry insiders! In these round-table discussions, you’ll have a chance to speak in small groups with publishers, music libraries, and lawyers. These sessions will run multiple times, so you’ll be able to get all your questions answered by the experts.

Get the Word Out: PR tips from publicity professionals

Designed for the D.I.Y. artist, this panel will teach you what you need to know to stand out in the crowd. Topics include securing coverage in print media, online publications and blogs, and maximizing your reach via social media and your own website.

Mix It Up: Making your tracks pop
Are your songs ready for radio, TV shows, or movies? What is mixing and mastering? Why are they important? Industry professionals don’t notice when sound quality is good. It’s often just expected. However, poor sound quality is noticed immediately. Competition is fierce, so every detail from songwriting to production counts. Learn how to prepare your tracks for mixing and mastering, get tips on how to save money on the process, and see a live before and after demonstration.
Intro to Scoring to Picture: How to get started in the film, television, and game industries
In this panel discussion, we’ll talk to successful composers in a variety of fields and find out how they got started, how spotting sessions work, the difference between scoring linear and non-linear projects, dealing with temp love, and tips for keeping the clients happy.

Advanced Scoring to Picture: Practical notes and tips from the top
In this session, Bootcamp participants score a trailer and have it evaluated by top composers and industry insiders. Watch different musical interpretations of the same video, and learn effective techniques for scoring to picture. Want to participate? More info coming soon.

Take Your Shot: Song critiques from the experts
A SESAC Bootcamp favorite, this panel and exercise will expose and connect talented, undetected songwriters with today’s music creative executives. Participants will submit a song in one of five styles and have their song evaluated and critiqued by publishers, A&R executives, and more. Want to participate? See Song Upload page for details. You must be registered to be considered.

SESAC Basic Training: Everything you need to know about making money from your songs
This is an open forum and workshop where ALL questions pertaining to song registrations, song splits, live performances, SoundExchange, and more will be answered. Make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to!

Bootcamp 2013 Live Performances
Relax after a full day of sessions and enjoy the live performances from some of your fellow Bootcamp participants. Think you and your band have what it takes to bring the house down? Submit a video of your best live performance and we’ll choose 2 acts to perform at our Bootcamp 2013 reception. The participants will be chosen based on the following factors: songwriting, arrangements, musicianship, energy, crowd interaction, band presentation, and stage presence. Want to participate? See Live Performance Submission page for details. You must be registered to be considered.

For More Information: Shawn Williams, swilliams@sesac.com, 615-320-0055

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