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March 12, 2017

The 31st Annual Daddy Tapes Benefit


                        (The Daddy Tapes Benefit)


                 The 31st Annual Birthday Tribute to the late George L. Popp


               (aka Daddy Tapes) to benefit The American Heart Association


Bill Popp is happy to announce the 31st annual Daddy Tapes  benefit for The American Heart Association will be on Sunday March 12th starting at 6:30 PM at The Parkside Lounge (317 East Houston NYC)  tel -212-673-6270. $10.00 suggested donation at the door or what you can give.    

This year’s performers (listed in order of appearance)
BELLE-SKINNER Alternative/indie-folk; fingerstyle guitar and ethereal soprano. For fans of: Sufjan Stevens, Angel Olsen, Joni Mitchell, and Lana Del Rey.

AMY ALLISON   an American country music artist, that sings her brilliant dark folk-rock songs with an infectious unique voice.  Amy  is the daughter of  jazz-blues musician Mose Allison. 

ANNE HUSICK- Sang backing vocals for Ronnie Spector & Joey Ramone, and Wilson Pickett 

BILL POPP AND THE TAPES -The Boston Phoenix tagged Bill “the downtown Elton John” and Bill will be the Master of Ceremonies 

PHIL GAMMAGE QUARTET  The consummate live performer, lyricist, singer, guitarist, and harmonica player who brings a unique depth and drama to music, playing original blues.                                       

SEA MONSTER  Thick Necked Rock a band made up of hard working hard living guys -- what rock n' roll musicians should be."

SUPERMAJOR   "If Fellini had made beach movies, Supermajor would have been their elegiac, enchanted house band." - Adam McGovern

ALAN MERRILL TRIO -- lead singer and songwriter of the first and original 1975 version of "I Love Rock N Roll"


The first benefit was held on Daddy Tapes' birthday March 10, 1987 at CBGB.
"My goal at the time was for the benefit to become an annual event that would raise money through live music and help those suffering from heart disease," says Bill Popp, founder of the event and "Daddy Tapes'" son.
"My father was my closest friend and the biggest supporter of my music career. After his death, I wanted to keep his spirit alive, so, by doing a benefit in his memory and donating the money to the American Heart Association, I've done just that.


CBGB hosted the benefit each year till 1992.

From1993 to 2012, the benefit was held at Kenny's Castaways, The R Bar in  2013 & 2014,

The Delancey in 2015 and The Bowery Electric in 2016. This year the benefit’s new home will be at The Parkside Lounge

Throughout the years; the acts have been as diverse as rock legends Danny  Kalb (founder of the Blues Project) to punk cabaret singer Nellie McKay.  The Daddy Tapes Benefit has become a local institution that has raised  thousands of dollars for the American Heart Association.

The Ironic Twist
---The 20th Annual Benefit in 2006, After having everything ready to go, including all the acts booked, having gotten beer sponsors, plus making it a special two day event to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Popp wound up having to postpone the March event until May, because on February 22nd, 2006, he had to undergo open heart surgery, where they performed a quadruple bypass. Popp never thought the money he raised for the American Heart Association to fight heart disease would wind up helping him!!


The Daddy Tapes Story in Brief
Daddy Tapes was the backbone of his son's band, The Tapes. Instead of  retiring and moving to Florida, as he had dreamed, Daddy Tapes remained in New York, working as a night watchman until the day he died from a heart attack, on Nov 1st 1986, at the age of 73. He had remained in New York so his son, Bill Popp, could live inexpensively at home and rehearse his band, "The Tapes," for free in their basement.

Instead of recording and promoting the band, the young Popp would have been struggling to pay  rent and for rehearsal space.


Before the days of computer labels, Daddy Tapes would address over 200 envelopes by hand, sometimes more than twice a month, for the band's mailing list.

In the early 80's, when it was rare to see someone over the age of 45
hanging out at a rock club, there was Daddy Tapes, smoking his pipe and cheering on his son's band.

Today, Bill Popp and The Tapes enjoy a 36 year history and counting, and Daddy Tapes' legacy still lives on with each band rehearsal in the basement of the house he kept for his son, where Bill still lives to this day.
For more information please call Bill Popp at 718-359-4110

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