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May 6, 2018

Game Audio Retreat


May 6 - 11, 2018 Capon Springs, WV
featuring Mark Kilborn

5 days in the mountains studying game sound design and implementation with one of the top game audio pros in the world.

Recording Boot Camp presents this all-inclusive event that will include sound effects design and recording workshops hosted by Mark Kilborn, a Principal Audio Designer for Activision. We will spend a week working together to make new sounds, share workflow ideas, listen and critique work together, participate in one-on-one mentoring and, of course, eat amazing food, play golf, make new friends and explore the fun activities Capon Springs has to offer. This event is aimed at sound designers with some professional experience behind them. You are encouraged to bring a portable recording kit if you own one, as there are a number of great sounds hiding in the landscape.

Game Audio Retreat will include discussions and workshops on the following topics:

  • Game audio concepts and workflow, from DAW to game engine
  • Gun/explosion sound design
  • Guerrilla foley recording on a tight budget
  • Field recording: building your kit, recording sounds, cleaning them up
  • Growing and managing your own sound effects library
  • Worldizing sounds through DSP and speaker and mic setups
  • Sound design, source generation ideas and workflows
  • Mixing for games

There will also be a special Q&A session with John Rodd, one of the top Game Music mixers (World of Warcraft, EA Star Wars: Battlefront, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Mass Effect 3).

The Game Audio Retreat is a sister program to the music recording focused Mountain Recording Retreat, which s taking place concurrently, and the Mountain Songwriting Retreat, which takes place the following week. The education component of the 2 programs is separate, but both groups will be together for meals and social activities.


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