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April 16, 2020

Time: 5:30 p.m. EST


Join us as we speak to Paul DeGooyer, Head of Music at Peloton, as we discuss the use of music in their live and recorded classes, the effect of the corona virus on the exercise industry plus in new opt in for independent music publishers to license their music to Peloton. 


Our weekly webinar is free for all Professional and Premier members of any chapter and only $5 for non-members.  

Register here via Zoom.  

If you are a non-NY Professional member, and do not want to register via Zoom, email becca@aimp.org to register.  

Please note that the time for this webinar is 2:30 pm PST/4:30 CST/5:30 EST





Paul DeGooyer
Head of Music at Peloton


Alisa Coleman
President, AIMP NYC

AIMP Panel

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via Zoom



Below is information on the Pelonton Opt-In being offered through MRI.  The information contained in this letter is provided to AIMP members as a part of the AIMPs mission to disseminate information regarding areas of interest to the independent music publishing community.  The AIMP is not affiliated with Peloton, we did not negotiate the terms of the opt-in, and we do not endorse, approve, or certify the terms of the opt-in. Whether or not you choose to opt-in is voluntary, and we urge you to undertake your own independent review of the value, appropriateness, accuracy, completeness, efficacy and timeliness of the opt-in based on your own independent business judgment. 

Peloton is changing the way people think about health and wellness and are motivated to work out, and music is a key component of their programming, helping the instructors deliver engaging and inspirational classes in Peloton’s home fitness ecosystem.  With over 2,000,000 monthly users and a comprehensive, socially-connected experience geared towards helping members reach their personal fitness potential, each class is designed to be both efficient and irresistible.


For more information, visit www.onepeloton.com


The main deal points of Peloton’s license offer are as follows:


1.      Grant of Rights:   Peloton is seeking the right to create, store, transmit, and publicly perform compositions in and in connection with fitness videos on its hardware and digital platforms.

2.      Royalty: Licensor’s share of two revenue pools, one based on plays of your compositions by users of the Peloton Bikes, Peloton Tread, and other “hardware,” and the other based on plays of your compositions by users of the Peloton App, each of which are calculated at different rates depending on currency of the territory involved (please see the license for details).

3.      Accounting & Payment: 60 days following the applicable calendar quarter.

4.      Territory:  Worldwide

5.      Term:  Three years following the Effective Date with one year auto-renewals.

6.      Takedown RightsAs soon as possible, but in no event later than 30 days of receipt of notice or the identification of the relevant Composition; provided, that the takedown request is made on a non-discriminatory basis.

 To review and consider Peloton’s license offer:

Click HERE to log into your MusicReports.com account and review the proposed license agreement.  

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