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October 14, 2022

Mondo.NYC CLE Music & Tech Law Symposium

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Mondo’s CLE program invites attendees to join top music lawyers and thought leaders for an all-day live in-person entertainment law seminar addressing some of the biggest legal developments affecting the music industry, including recent court decisions upending fundamental issues, the re-imagining of key policy matters and how multiple aspects of the industry have been affected by – and forced to adapt to – a post-COVID world.


2022 Panel Agenda


The Changing Landscape of Festivals 

Over the last few years, music festivals have faced a pandemic, major safety matters and more. As a result, music festivals had to quickly pivot to incorporate streaming formats, create new revenue generators, and scrutinize risk and safety measures. This panel will take a look at the changing landscape of music festivals, issues to consider when representing festivals, and recent developments that are here to stay.


Music Litigation Update and Hot Topics

In this program, a panel of attorneys and experts at the intersection of music and technology will discuss the latest developments and trends in music litigations in the United States and abroad, and how they impact risk assessment and enforcement strategies in the music space.


Music Securitization Redux: Not Your Mom’s Bowie Bonds

With the recent closing of several high-profile music royalty securitization deals and several more in process, lots of folks are wondering about what these deals are, why anyone would do them, how are they done, and what are the risks and costs.  This panel will explore these issues (and more!), along with how these current transactions are different from the “Bowie Bonds”-style royalty securitizations of the late ‘90s.


NFTs and the Music Industry: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?

Is the NFT boom over? Or are we just at the beginning? While the NFT market has been volatile, many in the music industry continue to explore opportunities in this space, looking to leverage NFTs and blockchain technology in innovative ways, from content creation and subscription services, music distribution and promotion, and royalty monetization, to fan driven engagement, ticketing, and digital and physical event access. Still, there remains uncertainty on where litigation may arise, and how regulators will deal with this ever-evolving space. This panel will discuss lessons learned in NFT deal-making since the boom started, where the NFT market may go, and where the major risks are at this point.


Policy Shifts and their Ripple Effects

In the past year there were a number of significant developments to music-related policies and commercial standards. Why do these changes matter and what will be their economic and business impact?  This panel will analyze these recent developments and their potential effects on monetization, legal agreements, and business practices.  Topics will include the increase in the statutory mechanical royalty rate, the Free Artists from Industry Restrictions bill pending in California, the implementation of Article 17 in Europe, the proposed SMART Act, major labels forgiving unrecouped royalty balances for legacy artists, and BMG's removal of controlled composition clauses.


Re-Examining the Artist’s Bargaining Power in Entertainment Agreements

Throughout the digital/streaming era of music the institutional stakeholders of the industry have consistently increased what they “ask” of performing artists when bargaining over key agreements.  This discussion will seek to illuminate the factors animating this trend; to compare the bargaining power of artists in this generation to that of artists from previous generations; to analyze specific rights that were previously considered inviolable but are now customarily conceded by artists in exchange for greater “artist support”; and, to evaluate whether this shift works to the benefit or detriment of individual artists and the industry at large.


Rites of Passage: Licensing Rights for Emerging Platforms

As gaming platforms, the metaverse, new social networks, and other innovative technologies gain prevalence, it is essential that these companies license all required music rights on a global scale and that rightsholders are able to collect the resulting payments. This panel will take a deep dive into the current global licensing landscape, exploring the challenges that technology companies face when launching new platforms and apps, best practices in licensing, opportunities for improvement in the market, direct licensing vs. CMOs, and issues with cross-border royalty collections. 




Program day/time: Friday, October 14, 2022, 8am-5pm. 



Mondo Music & Tech Law Symposium Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Symposium


  • Registration fee:

    • $299.00 Early Bird Registration through June 10

    • $349.00 Advance Registration June 11-September 10

    • $399.00 Pre-Registration September 11-October 14

    • $449.00 Walkup Registration

    • $125.00 Student discount fee (program admission only, no CLE credit)

  • Fee includes:

    • Admission to the Music & Tech Law Symposium on Friday, October 14, 2022 + admission to Mondo.NYC conference events October 14 

    • NY or CA MCLE credits (other than student badges) pending

    • Written course materials.


CLE 2022 credentials and course materials shall be emailed to all CLE registrants in advance of the seminar.



NY: 1.0 NY Professional Practice credit per session, for a total of 7.0 NY PP credits for the entire program. CA: 0.75 hour CA General credit per session (CA rounds down to the nearest quarter hour), for a total of 5.25 hours of CA general credit for the entire program.

New York and California certificates of attendance will be provided.  A Uniform Certificate of Attendance will be provided for all other jurisdictions, which attendees may submit to their respective state bar associations for CLE review.



Financial assistance to attend this program may be available. Attorneys who require financial assistance may apply in writing, no later than September 22, 2022, explaining the basis of need, and, if approved, may be offered a discount or scholarship, depending on the circumstances. For more details, please contact joanne@mondo.nyc. 

Mondo’s CLE program


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