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Subpublishing in South America

3 Dec, 2008
Hello AIMP members! Let's get our forums going here.
I would like the names and contact info for subpublishers in the various countries in Latin, Middle and South America that you have had positive experiences with. Thanks, Erik.

penmusic wrote:
16 Jun, 2009

Hey Erik - finally jumping in on some of the forum stuff here......hope you're well!

Anyways, we use John Telfer of Basement Brazil http://www.basementbrazil.net/ . He's a Brit who married a Brazilian and speaks both English and Portugese (and Spanish I think). Extremely responsive - we've been very happy so far.

We also use Galaxia Musicales for Mexico - contact Jose Cruz Ayala at galaxiamusical@hotmail.com . We've seen more $ out of Mexico through them then we've seen in the past and I know others feel the same.

We're still trying to figure out what else to do for the rest of South America. In Argentina, most everyone seems to use John Nathan at Overseas Music Limited, but I know he only does 80/20 deals with everyone and we can't do that - but are debating what to do.

Any other questions let me know - thanks!

Michael Eames
PEN Music Group, Inc.

merenda wrote:
18 Jun, 2009
Clipper's Music from Spain is now doing sub pub deals for Mexico, Argenia and Uruguay.

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