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AIMP Signs On To A2IM Webcasting IV Brief

Currently in Washington, DC there are rate deliberations going on in the Section 114 webcasting rate proceeding.  The record companies of Sony and Universal have filed briefs suggesting that they should receive a higher rate than other record companies due to their size and market share.  This has resulted in the Copyright Royalty Judges asking the Register Of Copyright as to whether there could be the possibility of different rates based on the type of licensor.  This has sparked discussion about the possibility of differing rates for “major labels” and “indie labels”.  As a result, A2IM (the domestic trade association for independent record labels) has filed briefs in support of the notion that all record labels should be treated similarly regardless of size and that a higher rate for major labels would be unfair and set a horrible precedent.  If this notion were to be accepted, it would set a dangerous precedent in advance of music publishers’ Section 115 rate deliberations that will begin next year as we cannot have major publishers receiving a higher rate than independent publishers.  Therefore, the AIMP leadership voted to join a brief that other publishers signed on to supporting the A2IM position that all licensors (regardless of type and size) should get paid the same rate.  Please CLICK HERE to download the submitted brief.

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